Closinator is a bot, aimed at finding low-quality posts on Stack Overflow

If you wish to learn how the bot works, see How to Participate. If you want to see the bot in action, drop by it's dedicated chatroom. The bot is entirely open-source, and it's code can be found on GitHub.

If you have any concerns, or you wish to contact the owner of the bot, see Who is admin? for more details.


So what is Closinator?

As stated above, Closinator is a chatbot, which aims to eliminate low-quality posts across Stack Overflow. Using certain algorithms, it reports posts to the dedicated chatroom, and users can give feedback as to whether the post is low-quality or not. To participate, a basic knowledge of how Stack Overflow moderation works is needed.

How does giving feedback work?

First and foremost, see the definition of low-quality post before reading how to give feedback. This is necessary. Aditionally, one must create an account with Closinator. See Create an account for more details on that.

There are two types of feedback:

Giving feedback does not require any privileges (other than an account), and you are free to give feedback at any time. However, if you see any user abusing the feedback system, their account will be destroyed by anyone with the proper privileges.